11 Reasons To Watch The Grand National 2016

Apr 6th 2016 | parties | sintillate | liverpool | Written by Will Jamieson

So in case you didn't know, it's the Grand National this weekend...

You're either a Grand National gambling pro like...

...or you don't have a scooby what it's all about...

...but in the spirit of the occasion, you smile and pretend you do...

14 Reasons You Should Definitely Watch The Grand National

So whichever camp you're in, here's why you should watch the Grand National this year:

1. You could win the office sweepstake


2. Racing is full of fun, ridiculous names


3. And The Queen LOVES it!

4. It’s an excuse to spend all day in the pub

14 Reasons You Should Definitely Watch The Grand National

5. It's a rollercoaster of emotions...like studying the racing form & trying to work out what any of it means...


6. ...hoping for some inspired intervention to come to you

7. Or when a tip you had comes in after you forgot to put a bet on

10 Grand National Moments Every British Person Will Understand

8, Or when your horse pulls up right at the start of the race

9. Or is winning and falls at the last fence...


10. But it's fun and games, and all worth it if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to bask in their winnings, no matter how big or small!


11. One final reason to be excited about the Grand National is SINTILLATE are hosting our offical after-party at Empire Liverpool on Saturday! 

It’s really lovely to have assurance from the company arranging the night that we will be looked after, even after we have paid the money - Charlotte