21 Reasons To Go To Marbella This Summer

Mar 17th 2016 | sintillate | travel | marbella | Written by Will Jamieson

Marbella – everyone's favourite summer holiday and party hotspot with a climate and long list of beaches, bars and clubs to match, it's easy to see why Marbella attracts the crowd that it does. Here are 21 reasons to go to Marbella this year: 

1. Marbella has 23 amazing beaches.

Marbella, a city and municipality in southern Spain, has 23 gorgeous beaches.

2. ...which are perfect for an rejuvinating walk before the day begins...

Why not go for an invigorating walk on the beach before the day begins?

3. ...or to watch the sunset from!

Or watch the sunset before you go home and make a jug of sangria for you and your friends?

4. Marbella is also surrounded by a breathtaking coastal mountain range.


Marbella is also surrounded by a breathtaking coastal mountain range.

5. ...with incredible views if you reach the top!


6.  Hollywood has nothing on Marbella's sign! 


Hollywood may have its famous sign, but Marbella has a pretty cool sign of its own.

7. The colourful old town of Marbella is also hard to beat...


8. ...with beautiful winding roads and cobbled paths....

You'll find steep cobbled streets like this.

9. ...and lots of colourful flowerpots.

And yet more colourful flowerpots.

10. Marbella is also a fishing village, which means the fish and seafood offerings are freakin’ tasty.


Marbella is also a fishing village, which means the fish and seafood offerings are freakin' tasty.

11. Even adventurous foodies will be satisfied.


Even adventurous foodies will be satisfied.

12. A short distance away from the city is Puerto Banús, the real reason why people come to Marbella...

A lot of people associate Marbella with the decadence of Puerto Banús, and yes, there are a lot of expensive yachts there.

13. Yes, there are a lot of yachts...

14. ...and lots of nice cars and shops!

15. You're bound to bump into a celebrity...or two!

16. Puerto Banús makes for great night out.


17. You can party the night away at TIBU, one of Puerto Banus' hottest nightclubs!

18. Or at Pangea, which offers some of the best panoramic views of the port...


19. Nikki Beach a.k.a "the sexiest place on earth" epitomises the glamour of Marbella

20. Ocean Club Marbella is an incredible beach club that sits firmly at the top of Europe's finest destinations...


21. ...And it's home to SINTILLATE's world-famous Champagne Parties!


So what are you waiting for? Get booking! 


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