5 Trends To Try This Summer

Apr 20th 2015 | lifestyle | fashion

Here at SINTILLATE we’ve always loved the summer months. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and we’re getting ever closer to launching our seasons in Marbella and Mallorca. At last, it’s time to step out and go shopping for your summer wardrobe and experiment with the hottest new trends for Summer 2015. So what should you be wearing this season?

Seventies. Without doubt, it’s the leading trend for summer. Time and time again we’ve seen designers favour this funky, cool decade on the catwalk. The best thing about the Seventies? It’s not limited to a single main event and instead covers the entire decade. Influences come from far and wide: from Chanel’s “’68 strike” look, to the widely acclaimed hippie style, from Emilio Pucci to Chloé, and last but not least the glam-rock look that thrilled Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger collections.

Oriental. Japan and China are going to be the second big thing this season: designers are always studying Far-East’s traditional garments and prints, reinventing established codes with an eye for modernity and consequently creating unique “must-have” items. An example? The Kimono-jacket, definitely a cult piece of recent times.

 Top-to-toe White. White dresses and top-to-toe white were shown by most designers for Spring and Summer this year. White dresses pop up this time every year of course, but this season, designers are taking this favourite look to a new level. Expect edgy twists with cut-out details like lace and eyelets. There will be lots of choice on the high-street, fantastic for anyone attending a White Party this summer!

 Stripes. It’s hard to think of a summer when stripes haven’t been in vogue. Last year we featured the nautical theme as our Number 1 trend and this summer stripes are definitely back with a bang. Replace the 2014 sailor look with standing, horizontal, multicolor and bicolor stripes and you won’t go wrong!

 Folk Prints. The folk theme has stretched far and wide this summer; from the music we’re listening to on the radio, to what we’re seeing at the cinema and even a standout theme in wedding design. Highly elaborated and with flowers embroidered all over, Louis Vuitton loves them and so does Valentino. The inspiration? Different and remote areas: from Italy to the Balkans, a patchwork of influences to put in your valise. 


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