Avoid A Fashion Fail With Royal Ascot’s Official Style Guide

May 21st 2014 | lifestyle

With an annual attendance of nearly 300,000 the Royal Ascot is one of the most popular events in the sporting and social calendar. With less than 4 weeks to go until one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, Royal Ascot have released some inspiring shots to help men and women adhere to this year’s dress code.

Ladies within the main Grandstand enclosure are encouraged to dress in a manner as 'befits a formal occasion'.  Hats will be required to be worn at all times, midriffs must be covered, shorts are not permitted and strapless dresses and tops are not permitted. Gentlemen are required to wear a suit with a shirt and tie.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to enjoy the races within the Royal Enclosure, ladies are reminded that dresses and skirts should be of 'modest length' - defined as falling just above the knee or longer - and should have straps of one inch or greater. Hats are, of course, compulsory and fascinators are strictly forbidden. Gentlemen are required to wear a black or grey morning suit, which must include a waistcoat and tie (no cravats), a black or grey top hat and black shoes.

Speaking about this year's occasion, Royal milliner Jane Taylor said: ‘It’s a brilliant excuse for ladies to dress up and have fun with their outfits and headwear.

'There aren’t many occasions as traditional and formal as Royal Ascot, and it's great they keep the bar high with the strict dress code.

‘I’m really pleased the dress code was updated recently, as its given ladies a push to make their hat the most important element of the outfit. ?‘Its a wonderful opportunity to show off your style, and keep such an established tradition alive.

‘Part of the charm of Ascot is the quintessentially British aspect of it, which means we can take pride in our choice of outfits and hats. Its wonderful to see so many people looking so elegant.

Once again I really want to thank you for how helpful you have been and how quick you have been in getting back to me - Charlotte