The Best Street Food In London

Oct 27th 2015 | london | Written by Will Jamieson

Street food is having a bit of a moment. Gone are the days when grabbing a bite to eat by the kerbside meant a fast-food hot dog. Our streets are now brimming  incredible foods in disposable containers. Here is our list of the greatest kerbside grub London has to offer:

Mother Clucker

This former US Army ambulance dishes out some of the finest fried chicken in town. A lip-smacking, finger-licking mash-up of England the American South; the chicken is always juicy and spicy – it’s brined in tea, soaked in buttermilk and twice battered. Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, seven days a week. (

Savage Salads

A long queue is usually a good sign, and this street food stall is always in demand. This is about the only time when having a salad is not the boring option. For £5 you get a box packed with a mix of salads, including red cabbage, kale and orange zest, and chargrilled aubergine, quinoa and pomegranate, topped with grilled chicken or halloumi. Broadwick/Berwick Street, Monday to Friday. ( 

Mike + Ollie

This busy, spice-jar-lined stall in South London serves fluffy, smokey-tasting flatbreads stuffed with Middle-Eastern-inspired ingredients. Choose from roasted lamb, mackerel or deep-fried aubergines,all of which come in a giant flatbread with hummus, toasted seeds, salad and yogurt. Brockley Market, Saturday (


This Mexican-Korean fusion may sound like an odd pairing but it is a phenomenon that has taken LA by storm. Now thanks to Korrito, the craze has hit London with dishes including barbecue with Seoul sizzle and kimchi-fried rice in whopping burritos. Real Food Markets, Southbank, Friday to Sunday. (

Yum Buns

It's a sure sign that street food is a success when it's popping up in a central London department store, Harvey Nicholls. Enjoy a light-as-air Chinese steamed buns filled with pork belly and hoi sin sauce or crispy prawn and chilli sambal. No more settling for that supermarket sandwich at your desk. Hawker House, Friday and Saturday (

Bad Brownie

You can’t beat a good brownie, but you definitely can’t beat a Bad Brownie. These incredible gooey sensations first emerged two years ago, and now they’re championing the sweeter side of street food. Flavours include salted caramel, nutty orange, and bacon and maple syrup. Maltby Street Market, Saturday and Sunday. Venn Street Market, Clapham, Saturday (

Rib Man

Ribs! They are House of Card’s Frank Underwood’s favourite lunchtime meal, and it would seem he is not the only one enjoying them. The Rib Man is something of a celebrity on the street food scene. The Rib Man won’t disclose his secrets but be assured, they make for some amazing food. Brick Lane Market, every Sunday ( 

The Bowler

When it’s not festival season, this grass-covered van, nicknamed the Lawn Ranger is at Kerb. Special shout outs for the delicous free-range meatballs piled onto pasta or wedged into a chewy ciabatta roll and topped with melted provolone cheese. Kerb markets, check weekly rota at (



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