Boris Calls For Hoverboards To Be Legalised In London

Oct 27th 2015 | london | Written by Will Jamieson

Image source: Urban Wheel (

Boris Johnson may have accidentally rugby tackled a ten-year-old recently, but don't hold that against him - he's down with the kids, really.

The Mayor of London has called for hoverboards to be legalized on the capitals streets and pavements, after the police announced that the “self-balancing scooters” are banned in public because under current law they are classed as vehicles, but do not meet licence and registration requirements.

But Boris has come out in defence of the self-balancing scooters, arguing that the increasingly popular devices are “liberating” and that allowing them is only fair given “oldsters” can already ride mobility scooters on footpaths.


Johnson said: “Let’s get Back to the Future, and stop this ludicrous and nannying prohibition on the electric scooter-surfboard gizmos.

 “They are the Segway-like things which the authorities have said young people may not use on the pavement.

“Well, I have consulted Transport for London (Surface Transport) experts, and they think this hogwash.”

He added: “They are a new and potentially liberating form of personal mobility. We want to legalise them.

“If the oldsters can charge towards you on their terrifying chariots, the youngsters should be able to waft on their boards. It’s intergenerational fairness.”

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