Christoph Waltz Has Reportedly Signed On For Two More Bond Movies, But Only On This Condition

Jan 5th 2016 | entertainment | Written by Will Jamieson

Christoph Waltz, who played the villain Blofeld in Spectre, has said he’d return as the Bond villain for two more movies, but only on one condition: that Daniel Craig returns too, according to the Mirror.

Spectre was a box office hit and although it did not recieve as much critical success as it's predecessor, Skyfall, Bond producers know they have found a winning formula.

That winning formula however, depends on Daniel Craig's involvement, which, up to this point, is in serious doubt, with claims from Craig himself, saying he would "rather slash his wrists" than reprise his role as 007.

According to sources for the Mirror, the directors are confident they won’t let Craig go, but don’t have a contract just yet. 

“The directors know they would be daft to replace him at a stage where he is so popular. It’s almost certain he will do one more outing as Bond,” said the source.

It looks like the writing's on the wall with this one. But the prospect of Craig and Waltz returning for more Bond movies has us shaken, not stirred with excitement.

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