The Controversial Garden Bridge Is Coming To London

Nov 16th 2015 | london | Written by Will Jamieson

It's divided opinion, having been criticised by St Paul’s Cathedral officials, slated by Labour’s next mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, and rejected by thousands of signatures of public opposition, but it now looks like the planned Garden Bridge across the River Thames is officially going ahead.

Despite the metaphorical mud being flung at the project, there has been a crucial breakthrough when it was agreed that TFL would cut its funding from £30 million to £10 million.

The bridge will connect Westminster and Lambeth, and will act a “floating paradise garden” from which to enjoy views of London and the Thames, amongst trees, plants and shrubs.

The idea was originally conceived by Joanna Lumley, and has been championed by Mayor of London Boris Johnson. However it has proved controversial and is claimed by many to be a ‘vanity project’ and a waste of the tax-payers money.


The aim of the £175m bridge is to create an urban oasis in the heart of London. However, while you can smell the roses and picnic until your heart is content, you may not play the hitherto innocent childhood pleasure of Pooh Sticks. That particular activity has been banned, so we ask what is the point? What is a bridge without a game of Pooh sticks?


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