Diamond Filled Cocktails & Champagne In Monaco!

May 1st 2014 | lifestyle

At £750,000, it’s a luxury holiday which will leave you with a financial hangover! Designed for the ultimate drink connoisseur, Holidaysplease is offering a 40 day tour taking in 5 star hotels, 10 luxurious locations and the opportunity to sample the most exclusive drinks on the planet. 
Highlights of the trip include drinking a £12,000 diamond-filled cocktail at Algonquin Hotel in New York, and sampling the £330,000 Armand de Brignac Dynastie at the Billionaire Club in Monaco.
‘Holidaymakers’ will stay in the finest hotels, fly business class and have access to restaurants and bars reserved for the rich and famous. Locations will include London, Frankfurt, Bordeaux, Lyon, Monaco, Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, Las Vegas and New York.
Full itinerary of the Ultimate Drink Connoisseurs' Holiday
London – You’ll start by spending three nights in the capital in a suite at the award-winning Corinthia Hotel London. On one night you will party in Salvatore’s bar at the Playboy Club, another you’ll dine at Belgo Bierodrome and drink the world’s most expensive beer - the third night you’ll get some well-deserved rest before the next leg.
Frankfurt – You’ll fly business class to Frankfurt and spend two nights at the Jumeirah. You’ll wind down the pace a little here and take a private car to Mosel where you’ll enjoy a bottle of the Egon Muller Riesling and a private tour of the factory. 
Bordeaux (Grand Hotel 5*) – Flying business class from Frankfurt you’ll arrive in the famous wine region, but actually end up visiting to see the Grey Goose distillery in Cognac. You’ll enjoy a tasting session involving the new flavours of the vodka before a bottle of the Grey Goose Gallon is shipped back to the UK for your arrival home. 
Lyon – After two nights in Bordeaux it’s off to Lyon. You’ll be greeted by a very special bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru 78, and a tour of the breath-taking Cote de Nuits region. 
Monaco – Get ready for the biggest party of your life. You’ll spend three nights in Monaco at the Hermitage hotel and also partake in a whirlwind helicopter ride of the city. You’ll then be whisked off to the Billionaires Club and your very own private table. You’ll then be everyone’s favourite person at the club as the Armand de Brignac Dynastie collection will be brought out and presented to you at your table. 
Dubai – Next up is Dubai and Penfolds Ampoule. You’ll get to see this work of art before it’s shipped back to the UK ready for your arrival home. Relax for 2 nights at Jumeirah Beach and take in some of the Dubai sights.
Singapore – Staying at the famous raffles for three nights you’ll visit the place where the Singapore Sling was created (The Long Bar) 
Melbourne - Once again flying business class to Melbourne you’ll be staying at the Crown Club Hotel. You’ll visit the crown club casino and drink the world’s most expensive cocktail – The Winston. 
Las Vegas (Stay at Mandarin Oriental) – The final party take place in Las Vegas – In one incredible night you’ll taste two cocktails worth over 20,000k. You’ll start at the Aria hotel with the Ono, and then head to Javier’s for shots of Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario. Spending three nights total. 
New York – Two nights at Algonquin Hotel, New York. Here you’ll have a Martini that has a Diamond by Bader & Garrin dropped in the glass. The perfect extravagance to end the ultimate connoisseurs holiday. 
London – Arriving back you’ll be greeted by a private car and presented with 3 of the most collectable drinks ever created. Legacy by Angostura, Dalmore Trinitas and the Penfolds Ampoule.
It’s really lovely to have assurance from the company arranging the night that we will be looked after, even after we have paid the money - Charlotte