Gigi Hadid Is Naked On The Cover Of Vogue Paris And The World Is Freaking Out

Feb 10th 2016 | entertainment | fashion | lifestyle | Written by Will Jamieson

So guys and girls, we need to talk.

Gigi Hadid is naked on the cover of Vogue Paris and the world has gone into meltdown.

Yep, she's butt-naked and clutching her boob .


Guys, there's no other way to say this: Gigi Hadid is butt-naked and clutching her boob on the cover of Vogue Paris.


​Forget Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, we think Gigi just went one better! 

There is a second cover where's she's wearing considerably more clothes, Chanel to be exact, but who really cares?


Yeah, there's a second cover where she's decked out in Chanel, but who really cares?


Zayn is one lucky man.


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