GRAMMYs 2017 - Round Up - Sintillate

Feb 17th 2017 | entertainment | london | Written by Kris Kretovs

If you've missed the Grammys last night, do not fear! We have a round up of all the gossip and hot stuff to keep you in the loop.

Glitz, Glam and some running eye shadow for some stars. Another Grammys been done & dusted. Yet another emotional roller-coaster of winning speeches and cheekiness happening in the crowd. Here's a low down of what went down:

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony was held yesterday, February 12th.
In the heart of LA, Los Angeles, James Corden hosted the night which had a few twist's and turns. Contrary to unexpected results James Corden lived up to his part and made an entertaining evening for all. Starting off with an act of stumbling on the steps and his iconic Carpool Karaoke later on.

Starring in the cut out board was Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Faith Hill, Keith Urban and Neil Diamond. Blue Ivy couldn't help but to crash the scene, more like save the day!

With a colossal amount of artist's and stars sitting amongst the front row, not everyone could party just yet. Jay-Z was left on daddy duty as Beyonce was up on stage strutting her stuff (Yes, even with the twins)! 

While others, such as Rihanna were caught sipping from a glitzy hip flask. That moment was caught after she lost all eight of nominated awards. We're not at all surprised if that bottle ended up dry towards the end.  

Bruno Mars & Adelle both played a tribute to lost artists with Adele needing that second try to perform what she does best with a sombre tone for George Michael. While Bruno Mars hit a string or two by ramping the tone up with a cover of Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy'. All the lost stars in the music industry were remembered by a picture montage, which certainly left a sorrow sort of atmosphere.

On to the Winners: 
- Adele trumped Beyonce, snapping the award in two (definitely a Kit-Kat breaker) before declaring her love for Beyonce.
Adele went on the home run winning 5 Grammys, including 'Album Of The Year'

- Beyonce and her unborn twins are put in 'Formation' as she performed on stage then picked up an award of her own. Winning urban contemporary album and “Formation” won the music video award. 

- Chance the Rapper swept the board in the rap stakes by winning 3 Grammys. He becomes the only streaming-artist to win a Grammy. #EverybodysSomebodysEverything

- David Bowie's music achievement is finally showcased, as he won five posthumous awards.

Until next year, keep checking back for hot topics and the latest in trending news.
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