London Enters The Age Of The Skyscraper

Apr 19th 2015 | lifestyle

London is set to enter the age of the skyscraper with dozens of new buildings and tower blocks currently going up around London. With 70 buildings currently under construction and 200 more planned, the face of the capital is set to change for ever. 

The new buildings are spreading beyond the traditional skyscraper hotspots of the City and Canary Wharf, with areas as far out as Lewisham, Croydon and Brent set to see increasing numbers of tower blocks. In a change from the trend of recent years, most of the new buildings in the pupeline will be dedicated to high-end residential flats as opposed to office buildings. 

Property developers are able to charge premium prices. In One Tower Bridge, overlooking the Thames, a one-bedroom flats will start at £1.4million, while a studio apartment in Goodman's Fields, a new development outside the city will set buyers back £700,000. 

Despite claims by developers and architects that taller buildings are necessary to house the growing number of Londoners, many disagree. English Heritage warned last year that the increasingly crowded skyline 'could threaten the value of London as a place to come and visit' if it leads to London losing its traditional character.

What are your thoughts? Would London beneit from more skyscrapers or is the capital at risk from an overcrowded skyline?

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