London's Healthiest Restaurants

Jul 30th 2015 | london | lifestyle

Eating out and staying healthy can sometimes be a problem, especially in London with so much temptation on your doorstep. Well, fear no more, we’ve found the healthiest places to dine in the capital that don’t compromise on taste or threaten your waistline. 

Aiming to blow away the misconception that vegan food is boring, London’s only ‘artisan raw food restaurant,’ offers organic, unprocessed alternatives to comfort food favourites from pizza to curry. All of their food is raw, organic and genuinely bursting with flavours that keep the healthistas flocking back.

Pure Taste
In case you’ve missed the fuss about the Paleo diet, Paleothic eating focuses on the food that cavemen ate with grains, refined sugar, wheat and alcohol off the menu. Set up by nutritional therapist, chef and chemistry graduate, Holly Redman, a coeliac herself, this is the first restaurant in London of its kind to offer this type of menu at a fine dining level.

The Detox Kitchen
Located in central London, The Detox Kitchen offers healthy food without sacrificing taste. They offer dairy and wheat alternatives, and ensure they only using lean meats and the freshest vegetables for their dishes, of which are prepared in their kitchen in Battersea. If you're too busy to pop in to one of their delis then take advantage of their delivery service. 

Tanya's Cafe
Detox, raw food expert and wellness couch Tanya Maher opened up Tanya's Cafe in Chelsea in July last year and hasn't looked back since. If you love alcohol but aren’t such a fan of the sugar content or guilt, then be to sure to try one of Tanya’s superfood cocktails. We recommend the ‘What The Doctor Ordered,’ complete with chia seed float or the ‘Acai Ya Tomorrow,’ containing a creamy mixture of peanut butter and banana.

Wild Food Cafè
The Wild Food Café is hidden away in Covent Garden is a favourite of healthy eaters who want to tap into the dedicated ethos of vitality, community and wellness. Everything is prepared freshly in front of you. The menu is vegetarian, with some vegan and some raw options, and everything is incredible tasty. Their food is made daily on the premises with wild, fresh and colourful ingredients. 

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