Mallorca's Best Beaches

May 10th 2016 | lifestyle | travel | mallorca | Written by Will Jamieson

Summer is fast approaching and we are all excited to get back onto the beach again! And in Mallorca, you are spoilt for choice, with over 200 beaches to choose from! We take a look at the best the island has to offer:

1. Calo D’es Moro


You know the phrase "as blue as the ocean," this is what people are talking about when they say it! With the brightest blue waters, Calo D'es Moro is just beautiful. 

2. Cala Formentor


Cap formentor majorca

Cala Formentor is a little bit special. And that's mainly because of the breaktaking views of mountains and landscapes you get whilst sunning yourself on the sand.


3. Cala Mondrago


Secluded and tucked away from it all, Cala Mondrago is the beach for you if you're looking for a great day trip combining stunning walks with relaxing on a beach.

4. Sa Calobra


If adventure is your thing, you will love Sa Calobra! To get there you also have to walk through some caves which in itself is pretty spectacular, before reaching the secluded cove wedged between two rock faces.

5. Cala Llombards


White sand and super blue ocean as far as the eye can see; Cala Llombards is one of Mallorca's most popualr beaches for a reason.


6. Port d'Alcudia


Mallorca - Alcudia 

Having been listed on many lists of the world's best beaches, Port d'Alcudia needs no explaination - a picture paints a thousand words...


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