This Massive Aircraft Hangar In Germany Is Actually A Tropical Island Paradise

May 27th 2015 | lifestyle

Some 40 odd miles from Berlin lies a secret Caribbean paradise. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Tropical Islands has all you would expect from a tropical getaway – exotic floral and fauna, white sandy beaches, a dreamy blue lagoon, water slides, saunas, adventure parks and stylish accommodation. Oh, and it’s in an old aircraft carrier on a former military air base in Krausnick.

The park claims to be Europe’s largest spa and sauna complex, and it is no surprise that it is extremely busy all year round. The paradise contains a Tropical sea with a beach, seven different spa zones inspired by different areas of the world such as Thailand and Africa, 12 bars and restaurants, a rainforest, a lagoon and a golf course to boot. All under one roof!

A range of options are available for stays, from the basic to luxury. Accommodation includes quaint looking cottages and even beach tents. As well as flamingos, free-flying canaries also fly around the site. It has a maximum capacity of 6,000 visitors a day and in its first year attracted 975,000 visitors.


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