The Most Expensive Hammock In The World

Jun 25th 2015 | lifestyle

The Petiole Hammock by Hammacher has been hailed as a masterpiece and a work of art. It has also earned itself the title of the most expensive and most luxurious hammock in the world with a price tag of £23,000.

The self-suspended hammock is the result of 20 years of extensive research and designing that took place in Sweden. The hammock is made over a span of four weeks with two specialist artisans required to make the entire hammock by hand. 

The design allows the individual structure of the hammock to support itself with the canopy locking the UV radiation by up to 86%, still giving exceptional views of the ocean of course. The best part of the Petiole? It has been built for two. What better way to spend a summer’s evening than by swinging in this luxurious hammock, champagne in hand and taking in glorious views with someone special.

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