A Naked Restaurant Is Coming To London This Summer

Apr 21st 2016 | lifestyle | london | Written by Will Jamieson

Apparently some food just tastes better when you eat it butt naked. Well, that's the thinking behind one new pop-up restaurant coming to London this summer!

The Bunyadi will open for three months and offer customers the chance to open a "clothing-optional" space "free from phones, electric lights" where you can "revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life."

Translation: you can eat salad with your dick out. 



The restaurant will have a section for nude customers as well as clothed, offering a "Pangea-like world" where restaurant-goers can feel "true liberation." The current waiting list for has over 11,000 people on it. 

Dinner normally only involves you ending up face-to-face with a sausage if you've ordered a plate of bangers and mash. But not here. 

The Bunyadi. Giving new meaning to the phrase "dinner with a view" since 2016...




It’s really lovely to have assurance from the company arranging the night that we will be looked after, even after we have paid the money - Charlotte