New Tube Map Reveals How Long It Takes To Walk Between Stations

Nov 11th 2015 | london

Tired of braving the fiery inferno that is the Piccadilly Line? The sweaty stench of the man pressed up against you on a jam-packed carriage? Have you ever wondered if it would be quicker to leave this hell, get out and walk? Well Transport for London (TfL) have answers for you, after unveiling its first official map showing how long it would take to walk between London’s Tube stations and it seriously making us question if we ever want to step on the tube again.

The map shows Leicester Square and Covent Garden are less than five minutes walk apart, while walking between Kings Cross St. Pancras and Euston would take 12 minutes. Many stations are a 5-15 minute walk, from which you can take in the sights, have your own personal space, and breathe actual oxygen, all while getting a great workout.

So is this new and improved tube map about to change your daily commute?

Click here for full size tube map.

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