Nick Grimshaw Quits X Factor, But Which One Direction Member Has Already Been Lined Up To Replace Him?

Feb 19th 2016 | entertainment | Written by Will Jamieson

Nick Grimshaw has quit X Factor. Does anyone care? Probably not.

Yes, the Radio 1 Breakfast Show host exits the show after just one season as a judge, and has been quick to explain his decision.

Speaking on ​his Radio 1 Breakfast show this morning, he said his decision to leave is not "a diss" to the show - and joked that Simon Cowell owes him a curry.

He explained: 'We announced on this show last year that I was going to do X Factor, and maybe now we should say that I'm not going to do X Factor.

'We just had a think about it and sat down, and I just thought it's one of those things that I loved, I did love it, its not a diss to the show, it's not me storming out of X Factor being like "screw you Cheryl"! It's a great show and I loved it.'

The star told how the opportunity to take part was a 'once in a lifetime style thing' and reassured fans that all was fine, saying 'it's not like bad blood'. 

Ever the joker, Grimmy bemoaned the fact that his appearance on the show prevented him from indulging in tasty takeaways on the weekend.

'You can't have a curry when you're on it on a Saturday night, because you're there,' he joked.

And as Simon Cowell desperately tries to save a sinking ship, he has reportedly axed X Factor co-presenter Caroline Flack, 36, according to The Sun. Poor Caroline.

Didn't Simon try shaking things up like this last year we hear you ask? Yes he did. It didn't work so he's doing it again. The show failed to garner dramatic figures, with its final episode only pulling in 8.4 million average and 9.9 million in overnight ratings. The 11th series of the talent show has also been dogged with criticism following a shake-up to draw younger audiences and inject new blood after nearly a decade on air. 

So who's Simon got in mind to replace Grimmy. According to The Sun, he has set his sights on adding One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson to the judging panel.

They said: 'Louis Tomlinson is very likely to replace Grimmy. He agreed in principle to the job while assisting Simon Cowell during the judges’ houses round last year.


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