Now You Can Build Your Own Private Island!

Dec 2nd 2015 | lifestyle | travel | Written by Will Jamieson

What if we were to tell you, you could build your very own portable desert island? Now we’ve got your attention, the answer to that question is, you actually can, providing you have the cash!

Christie’s International Real Estate has announced a new initiative to build self-sufficient and eco-friendly private islands around the world for consumers looking for a unique residential opportunity: the world’s first truly portable private islands.

Amillarah Private Islands will allow guests to make their own self-sufficient island and determine its location anywhere in the world.  

These made-to-order holiday villas can be customised in accordance with clients’ requirements and the artificial islands will float, meaning owners could potentially relocate them.

At this stage they are only artists' impressions showing the self -sustaining, eco-friendly creations, but they are hoping it won’t be long before this dream is a reality


Their renderings show properties in the likes of the Maldives, Miami and Dubai, where Amillarah Islands are already planned.


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