Pancake Day: 8 Delicious Recipes To Pimp Your Pancakes

Feb 8th 2016 | lifestyle | Written by Will Jamieson

It's Pancake Day! And there's one thing on everyone's lips: what's your chosen topping? Are you a traditonalist, playing it safe but classic, with lemon, sugar or syrup, or maybe you're a little more exotic.

Whether it's sweet or savoury, there's a world of options out there and 2016 is the year to be adventurous. Like Creme Eggs. We knew that would grab your attention! Here’s 8 ways to pimp your pancake this year, from the healthy to the damn right indulgent:


1. Pancake Cannelloni


2. Nutella Caramel Pancake Cake


3. Creme Egg pancake 

4. Mango, papaya, passion fruit & Greek yoghurt​

5. Double chocolate pancakes

6. Egg & Bacon pancakes


7. Oreo pancakes


8. Smoked salmon, smashed avocado & crème fraîche  


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