Range Rover Velar

Mar 9th 2017 | lifestyle | Written by Kris Kretovs

Velar is the fourth Range Rover model, fitting in the line-up between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.

Reviews are flying in from car critics, there hasn't been so much excitement since the 1990's, making it one of the most desirable cars in a generation. The sleek modern design of the Velar is also filled with gadgets which are at the forefront of car technology. Ensuring us that the model will be washing up on the shores of international design offices for years now. 

The design has a combination of modernist mores and architectural discipline. In terms of shape and volume, it's just the right size; Range Rover on the front but there’s nothing overbearing about its presence. No one likes a softy within the 4x4 world, the Velar still dominates the off-road as well as looking stylish in the urban street lights. Standard on Range Rover Velar's models is the unique terrain response systems. The system enables the driver to optimise the vehicle’s engine, gearbox, centre differential and chassis systems to match the harsh demands of the terrain.

Land Rover Velar was showcased with all the sophisticated four-corner suspension system and three different engine options offered at launch. 247HP 2.0-liter Ingenium gasoline engine, an 180HP 2.0-liter Ingenium diesel engine, and for those that require a little more speed, a rather beastly 380HP supercharged 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine. The range starts with the standard model; Velar going up to Velar HSE. Check the range here: Range Rover Velar 

Inside the Velar, there is nothing short of amazing just like the outside. As you step in, it boasts technology you would expect on a spaceship; with HUD display, Touch Pro Duo touchscreen and remote control from a smart watch. The In-Control connectivity allows the driver to have navigation control while
offering control of airflow and engine performance at the same time. The inner computer system works as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity for other members in the vehicle, keeping you connected to the world around you.

Our favourite piece of tech is the activity key, allowing users to go the 21st century and forget that key fob at home. The wristband is robust and fully waterproof, letting you go and adventure in the outdoors. It gives people ease without worrying where their keys are after you get submerged in a kayak or get covered in mud on a dirt bike. 

The Velar goes on sale in July this year and the configuration to build your own is online already. Something that looks like a concept car is ready to order now! 

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