Review: Coldplay -

Dec 8th 2015 | music | Written by Will Jamieson

A Head Full of Dreams is Coldplay like you’ve never heard them before: happy! This is Coldplay trying to inject more fun, more funk into their music and on the most part, they do, with classic disco beat -- percolating bassline, ­hissing high-hat, hand claps -- behind Martin's tremulous falsettos.

Before Chris Martin's split from Gwyneth Paltrow and the emotional Ghost Stories that followed, Coldplay were on their way to a poppier place with 2011's Mylo Xyloto. Then came Ghost Stories – their saddest album to date.

But it’s all happy, smiley faces now and this is reflected in the album’ sound and tone.  Highlights of the album include the uplifting 'Adventure of a Lifetime' and 'A Head Full of Dreams,' while there’s the eagerly-anticipated Beyonce collaboration on 'Hymn for the Weekend.'

It is preachy in parts and the departure from the classic Coldplay sound might not be to everyone’s liking but Coldplay don't get enough credit for their adventurous nature; their ongoing evolution is one reason why, 15 years later, a new album is still such a big deal. If this is Coldplay’s last album, their journey ends on a note of optimism and joy.


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