This Has To Be The Most Epically Terrifying Photo Op Of All Time

Apr 15th 2016 | lifestyle | travel | Written by Will Jamieson

Scared of heights? Then you may want to look away now! Because we may have just found the most epically terrifying photo op ever!

Still looking? Well here it is...Pedra da Gavea, a mountain towering approximately 2762 feet above the vibrant blue of the South Atlantic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


*Gulp*....just look at that!


The hike takes about 3 hours each way, and involves a little rock climbling and at the end of it, you’ll come out of the adventure with the scariest photos ever. Seriously, your followers will just freak:


Fatality! 😂 Obrigado pela foto, @erikamvidal!

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We'll leave the daredevilling to these crazy cats, we’re getting enough of an adrenaline rush just scrolling down the page.

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