The Rotating Penthouse Apartment

May 4th 2015 | lifestyle

A designer has developed a futuristic concept that solves the issue of penthouse inequality. 

Industrial designer Shin Kuo came up with an idea of a spinning apartment building in which each unit moves down a roller-coaster style track that wraps around a 27 story frame. The concept allows residents to enjoy an ever changing 360 degree view of the city around. 

Kuo said he thought up the idea as a solution to the problem of price differences between apartment units at the top of buildings (with better views) and those at the bottom. Kuo is currently looking for an investor to help make a smaller five-story version of his plan and says the idea could be used for a hotel or luxury apartment block. 

What do you think? An apartment block of the future or an idea to put your head in a spin? 

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