Sintillate - Valentine's Day - Best London Bars

Feb 17th 2017 | london | Written by Kris Kretovs

Radio Roof Top
336-337 Strand, WC2R 1HA,

radio rooftop sintillate

At the top of London's Skyline sits the iconic and well renowned Radio Roof Top bar. Striking London views will not only capture your companion's eyes on the sunset. But it will also take their breath away, as they glance across the river Thames. With evening champagne and afternoon teas, this is an ideal location to surprise and celebrate those special occasions. 

100 Wardour Street 
100 Wardour Street, W1F 0TN,

Great vibes, late service and legendary history embedded into the location.

In 1964 it became the home of legendary music venue The Marquee Club. Host to Rolling Stones when they did their first ever live performance at the club. The Marquee was the heart of the Soho grid, playing host to the cream of Sixties rock'n'roll and all their descendants. Having so much history blended into the walls, the club has been able to keep the walls rocking late into the night. 

The restaurant and bar are split across two levels. While inside you have the option to go up to the bar on the first floor, which exhibits a glorious golden retro bar. Or head back down the large spiral staircase that sweeps you down to dine and enjoy the roster of live music as you dance the night away.

Particularly is Sintilate on a Saturday, our very own, hosted night where we bring the glitz and glam to the star-studded venue. The best addition to the night is the crowd which instantly lights up the place and gets those feet moving. 

16 Bury St, SW1Y 6AJ,

Dine with Excellence! 

This stunning restaurant is at the heart of London, and anyone on a date will be astonished and be left with a sparkle in their eyes. With an abundance of choice for food & drink around the special event, it will melt your heart from start to finish. 

One of our favourite places is the circular Q Bar, taking centre stage of the venue as events unfold around you. It has prize seats for any live performance, while others dine around you making sure you're the centre of attraction. The innovative drinks list is there to explore with open eye's as the mixologist puts on a show that will keep you on the edge off your seat. Let's not even get started about the wine...  Quaglino’s features a 300-bin wine list focusing on renowned European regions and carefully balanced with fine picked additions from the rest of the globe. 

This hot spot will have your heart melted, with an exceptional night made memorable. 

World’s Best Bar - London's Bloomsbury Club Bar
16-22 Great Russell St, Fitzrovia, WC1B 3NN,

Following the surging success & named #1 in the World’s Best Bar awards. The Dead Rabbit comes to London with a twist. Residence at London’s Bloomsbury Club Bar for three days in Feb. Save the date and re-arrange all other plans! Visitors to the three-day pop-up will be able to sample a flavour of New York’s Dead Rabbit bar.

The pop-up is only the second of its kind with the takeover at the Holborn hotel bar. Celebrate like the Big Apple do, with a selection of award-winning drinks and premier service. Treat your other half to an early Valentines experience. The high calibre bar starts its service across three nights from Thursday, February 9.

German Gymnasium 
King's Blvd, Kings Cross, N1C 4BU,

If you're grossed out by pink, floating love hearts and over the top valentines goodies then let us take it back to classic. The elegant and mystic interior keeps clean lines and takes you back to a different era. 

The German Gymnasium holds heritage and has kept to its eccentricity in its interior, reaching right to the top of that tall ceiling. The Gymnasium was designed by Edward Gruning. Furthermore, it was actually England’s first purpose-built gymnasium. It was built in 1865 for the German Gymnastics Society and hosted indoor events for London's first Olympic Games, back in 1866.

With heritage and authenticity made prominent in everything they do, It will certainly feel like you can indulge in the glamorous bar & restaurant as you escape the fuss around Valentine's. Call it the secret escape to all the hustle and bustle.

Vista at the Trafalgar 
2 Spring Gardens, SW1A 2TS,

A secret of ours so keep it Shhhh - Not many people expect a rooftop bar overlooking Nelson's Column & The Mall to the Queens. 

This small gem in London gives you a cosy feeling as you can look onto the rush of people that whizz by you. Perfect for those Instagram lovers as you snap a pic of your favourite iconic landmarks, such as the London Eye. Feeling like VIP's, the bar sits right on the edge of the hotel and will even keep you toasty with their outside heaters and blankets. All you need is that special date...

Be cautious as it is always full as guests in the hotel get priority. So why don't you book up a room, and make that night truly special!

Oysters - Bentleys
15 Swallow St, W1B 4DG,

With oysters being a natural aphrodisiac, we couldn't leave out an oyster bar off our list. Being notorious to get your mood going, we have found the perfect place to match glitz and lust. 

The oyster bar gives exquisite taste buds that will certainly spark the passion inside. Being established since 1916, the experts have steady hands and knowledge as vast as Kings of the sea. With the addition of the grill, top up with champagne which will fit perfectly with your meal. Then let the night lead you to whatever mood you may be in...

Andrew Edmunds 
46 Lexington St, W1F 0LP,

Candle Lit dinner for two? Want to feel cosy and warm with a glass of wine, as the conversation unwinds? Then explore Andrew Edmunds, the last bastions of 'old Soho'. This 18th-century townhouse has attracted many loyal customers that keep coming back, pleasing for almost thirty years. 

A soothing & relaxed atmosphere as you enter, giving the choice of seasonal menus and famous wine list. So good, that Andrew Edmunds has been awarded 'The Good Drinking prize in the Restaurant Awards'. For all you wine connoisseurs, if you can tell the difference between different palates and enjoy the taste evolving as it hits the lips and tongue. Then you're in for a treat!

Make sure to drink too much, talk too much and overall be delighted of the quite close ambience you experience.

Milk & Honey 
61 Poland St, W1F 7NU,

If you are looking for exclusivity and personalised service there's no better place than Milk & Honey. With bars on three floors offering a range of intimate booths, counter and lounge drinking and eating options. No wonder even the bartenders talk about it in the local area. 

A Soho favourite for years, Milk & Honey has established its self as a diamond in the rough. Talented bartenders which keep a fresh outlook on drinks served, keeping you well ahead of the cocktail knowledge. Just shy off the busy streets of Carnaby street and Tottenham Court road, this place is truly hidden from the rush. It functions as a members bar. However, there is still a chance for non-members, where you can book up until 11 pm. As you discover more about the place, you might want to explore the games room.

Better off, why not sign up your Husband or Boyfriend as a member? He will probably be talking & showing it off to his mates for the rest of the year. However, if you both enjoy a drink, this will certainly be the best gift yet.  

Piano Works 
113-117 Farringdon Road, Farringdon EC1R 3BX,

Bring your dancing shoes and practise on that singing voice. 
The Piano Works in Farringdon takes off the edge of what the DJ may play. That's because you are in control! Confused, we thought so.

The Victorian listed warehouse venue with a 400 capacity, gives live music its real name. With 2 pianists at your command and a team of accompanying musicians, they only play songs requested by YOU. The audience. So if you're in the mood for moving those hips, a music enthusiast, or simply want to have your favourite song played. This is the place for you. 

The more you get involved, the more fun it becomes for you and company. Making the place heat up the more you request. The venue put on a great tonne of deals on during the week – including cocktails for a fiver (!!).  Whether you're there for dancing or for the drinks, we see you, make sure to practise those vocal cords and scratch up your knowledge on old classics. 

K Bar at The Kensington
109 - 113 Queen's Gate, SW7 5LP,

Ever wondered what Gatsby's private bar would feel like? K-Bar is most likely the closest you could ever get. Glamour, Glitz and Romance are all conveyed in every aspect of the majestic bar. The fine glassware, accompanied by artistic interior design will have you feeling on cloud 9. 

The elaborate drinks will have you and your guest feeling like having a private barman as the menu is designed around you. While you get seduced in the aura of the place, you never feel disconnected to the environment. It may get busy, however, you are forever surrounded in glam. 

7 Tales at Sosharu
64 Turnmill St, EC1M 5RR,

Feel like escaping the UK? No need to pack the suitcase just yet! 

Enjoy the realms of Japan as you enter a seedy, saucy and sexy Tokyo den. 7 Tales will capture your instant interest with the afterlife of Tokyo. Neon lights, precision made drinks will give you the urban lifestyle you crave without remotely feeling like a ‘themed’ bar.

Experience something truly different with rice-washed gin, sake, infusions of sesame, and their irresistible bar snacks. 

It’s really lovely to have assurance from the company arranging the night that we will be looked after, even after we have paid the money - Charlotte