WATCH: Stephen Fry Offers a Hilarious Guide to British Etiquette

Jan 7th 2016 | lifestyle | london | Written by Will Jamieson

We British are a unique and ecletic bunch, so who better to tell the world what we're all about than absolute national treasure, Stephen Fry. 

We love Stephen Fry, and Heathrow Airport knows that so part of their latest advert, they have enlisted him to offer a hilarious guide to British etiquette for those arriving in our great nation in possibly the most British video ever! 

Fry gives tourists a lesson in the art of queuing (waiting in a line), talking almost exclusively about the weather, being awkwardly polite by suggesting others go first, cheering when glass breaks, and tutting (making a little disapproving sound).

It's tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted fun, and as Fry's rather dry tone demonstrates, shows that we British can take the piss out of ourselves occasionally.

Make yourselves at home, pop the kettle on, and allow Stephen Fry to school you on British etiquette. 

Watch the video below:

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