Top Summer Fashion Trends 2016

Jun 6th 2016 | fashion | lifestyle | travel | marbella | mallorca | ibiza | Written by Will Jamieson

As the temperatures sore from the runway to the red carpet, we're getting inspired by the summer's hottest trends. These trends are guaranteed to have you looking hot this summer:

For gals...


Printed Shorts


Flaunt what you've got by drawing the eye to your legs with a bright, eye-catching set of printed shorts. 

Crop Tops

Show as little (or as much) skin as you'd like- the secret to scoring these chic looks is all in the proportions. 

Peek-A-Boo Lace

Like the old schoolyard game, these playful styles are coming out of hiding this season.

Backless Dresses

Business in the front, party in the back. Nothing gets things started like dramatic cutouts. 

For guys...


Fifties Shirts

Keep things relaxed with oversized polos and textured fifties shirts.

Bomber Jackets


Bomber jackets are versatile for casual days and keep looks cool and comfortable.

Short Shorts

Particularly great for summer weather, keep short shorts bright for beach days or subtle, darker colours for casual everyday life.

 White Chinos & Trousers


Whether you're going for the vintage cricket look or a classic weekend style, white trousers are incredibly complimentary.

And finally...

Backpacks and caps

The backpack and cap revolution has been happening for a while now and it's showingno sign of slowing down!

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