Watch: Kanye West's Lecture At Oxford University

Dec 10th 2015 | entertainment | Written by Will Jamieson

 In March, Kanye West gave an address to the Oxford Guild Society, an Oxford University student group that bills itself as the “largest and oldest student careers society” in the U.K.

On Monday, the Oxford Guild posted to YouTube footage of West’s address. He began by asking his audience to keep quiet while he spoke — “I can literally hear a whisper and it’ll, like, throw off my stream of consciousness” — in the interest of him delivering the “illest quotes.”

In the address, which was scheduled for 20 minutes but ran closer to 40, he extemporaneously touched on a host of topics: his creative process, the arts at large, his family and designer clothing.“This humanity that I talk about, this civilization that I talk about, this future utopia idea that I talk about — it can only happen through collaboration,” he said.

Watch the entire speech below. Take your seats, class:

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