Wimbledon Bans Selfie Sticks

May 7th 2015 | lifestyle

Selfie-sticks have been banned from this year’s Wimbledon tennis championship, organisers have announced.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club has confirmed fans will not be allowed to take their sticks into Wimbledon during the Grand Slam tournament to prevent obstructing views and distracting players.

The devices, which are proving popular with selfie-lovers and celebrities alike, extend the reach of a user trying to take a photo with a smartphone or camera, have been banned from a number of venues because they obstruct the view of other spectators.

English Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur have prohibited selfie sticks from their White Hart Lane ground in north London, while they have also been barred from the Colosseum in Rome and the Smithsonian museum in Washington.

What are your thoughts on selfie sticks? A public nuisance or handbag essential? 

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