The World's Largest 'gigayacht' Revealed

May 27th 2015 | lifestyle

Pictured for the first time, this is the superyacht that is set to eclipse all others. Double Century boasts an incredible nine decks and is twice the length of a football field, 130 feet longer than the biggest superyacht around today, the Azzam, owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates. A yacht with such impressive dimensions doesn’t come cheap, with Double Century costing a whopping $770million.

Abramovich's yacht, was completed in December 2010 and will now become the world's third largest superyacht. It’s reign the world's largest superyacht was short lived - in 2013, the Emirati royal family knocked it off its perch with Azzam, which exceeded it in length by 54 feet. Longer than 12 double-decker buses, not only is Azzam the biggest superyacht, it is also one of the fastest. 

Double Century's time at the top could be fairly limited, though, because a gigayacht called Triple Deuce is set to be completed by 2018 - and that measures a staggering 728 feet in length. Let the battle of The World’s Biggest Superyacht commence!

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